Don Thompson

Mystic Eye Studios

Don Thompson Photographer


A great deal of my photos are mistaken for paintings because of the texture of the picture. I wish I could claim that they were pictures of paintings but, I am not that talented. From the pictures posted here you will see that stylistically I jump from Vintage to Contemporary .. color to B&W .. I usually let my subject decide on the style. What often attracts my inner eye when I am composing a shot is the combination of colors and textures I see .. often to duplicate those things on a photograph I shoot long exposures. Alot of my shooting is done on the nights of full moons because I prefer to use natural lighting when possible. I am not a photoshop master some of my more recent shots get more touch up than my older shots but my "photoshopping" is limited again probably due to my lack of talent in those areas.


I hope you enjoy the pictures. I am always happy to get feedback good and bad. I have many more shots available so feel free to contact me if you have a requirement for a specific local , color range etc.


Aloha and Mahalo ....